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Welcome to our URL Encoder / Decoder! This free service allows users to easily encode and decode URLs, text, and words.

Benefits of using our URL Encoder / Decoder

  • Improved readability: Encoding special characters in URLs, text, and words can make them easier to read and understand.

  • Better search engine optimization (SEO): Search engines like Google may have trouble indexing URLs that contain special characters, which can negatively impact your SEO. By encoding these characters, you can improve your search engine visibility.

  • Increased compatibility: Some applications and systems may have trouble processing URLs, text, and words that contain special characters. By encoding these characters, you can improve compatibility and ensure that your content is accessible to a wider audience.

Possible negative aspects

  • Increased complexity: Encoding and decoding URLs, text, and words can add an additional layer of complexity to your website or application, which may make it more difficult for non-technical users to manage.

  • Potential for errors: If the encoded URL, text, or word is not formatted correctly, it can cause errors on your website or in your application. It's important to test your encoded content carefully before implementing it.


Here are some examples of how our URL Encoder / Decoder can help you to encode and decode URLs, text, and words:

  • Before: http://website.com/products?name=Läcker klänning

  • After: http://website.com/products?name=L%C3%A4cker%20kl%C3%A4nning (encoded)

  • Before: L%C3%A4cker%20kl%C3%A4nning (encoded)

  • After: Läcker klänning (decoded)


In conclusion, our URL Encoder / Decoder offers many benefits, including improved readability, better SEO, and increased compatibility. However, it's important to carefully consider the possible negative aspects and test your encoded content before implementing it.