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Welcome to our URL Rewriting Tool! This free service allows users to easily create clean and readable URLs using the ".htaccess" rewrite functionality.

Benefits of using our URL Rewriting Tool

  • Improved user experience: Clean and readable URLs are easier for users to understand and remember, which can help to improve their overall experience on your website.

  • Better search engine optimization (SEO): Search engines like Google prefer clean and readable URLs, and may rank your pages higher in search results if you use them.

  • Increased brand awareness: Clean and readable URLs can help to reinforce your brand, as users are more likely to associate your brand with the easy-to-remember URLs.

Possible negative aspects

  • Increased complexity: Using the ".htaccess" rewrite functionality can add an additional layer of complexity to your website, which may make it more difficult for non-technical users to manage.

  • Potential for errors: If the ".htaccess" file is not configured correctly, it can cause errors on your website. It's important to test your changes carefully before implementing them on a live website.


Here are some examples of how our URL Rewriting Tool can help you to create clean and readable URLs:

  • Before: http://website.com/?page=index&section=howto

  • After: http://website.com/minsida-howto.htm

  • Before: http://website.com/products.php?id=1234&category=clothing

  • After: http://website.com/products/clothing/1234.php


In conclusion, our URL Rewriting Tool offers many benefits, including improved user experience, better SEO, and increased brand awareness. However, it's important to carefully consider the potential negative aspects and test your changes before implementing them on a live website.