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Having a well-structured website with a healthy balance of internal and external links can be important for improving a website's search engine optimization (SEO). In this presentation, we will be discussing a free online service that allows users to check the number of internal and external links on a specific page of their website. We will highlight the benefits and potential negative aspects of using this service in relation to SEO.

Benefits of Counting Links

  • Helps users understand the overall structure of their website and identify any potential issues with the balance of internal and external links
  • Allows users to track the number of links on a specific page over time, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of their SEO efforts
  • Can provide valuable information for link building strategies, allowing users to identify opportunities for adding or removing links

Possible Negative Aspects of Counting Links

  • The service may not provide a comprehensive count of all the links on a specific page, potentially missing some links
  • It is possible for the service to report false positives or negatives, i.e. inaccurate counts of the number of internal and external links on a page
  • Depending on the number and type of links on a website, counting them all may be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process


In conclusion, using a free online service to count the number of internal and external links on a specific page of a website can be a valuable tool for understanding the overall structure of the website and for identifying potential opportunities for improving its SEO. However, it is important to use the service regularly and to carefully evaluate the results in order to make informed decisions about the use of links on a website.