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XML Sitemap Generator: A Free Tool for Website Owners


  • Quickly generates an XML sitemap for a website, including modify date and time
  • Allows users to set the priority and number of pages to investigate
  • Can help improve a website's internal structure and organization, leading to better SEO

Possible Negative Aspects:

  • The tool is not a comprehensive SEO analysis and should be used in conjunction with other SEO best practices
  • Some website owners may be discouraged by the number of pages identified by the tool, but it's important to remember that sitemap generators can sometimes produce false positives


Using the XML Sitemap Generator on the website "example.com," the results show that the website has a total of 100 pages, with 10 pages having a modify date of more than 6 months ago. This information can help the website owner identify potential areas for improvement, such as updating older content and improving the internal structure of the website, to improve the website's SEO.